MindHive is an IT start-up that aims to bring innovative, digitalization

and modernization solutions through software and artificial intelligence products


Here at MindHive we can offer a large range of services for all kinds of needs. We have people working in multiple fields, such as Design, Software Development, AI and Robotics that can offer services like UI/UX Design, Multiple purpose applications, Image recognition, 3D Modelling and much more.


We design and develop complex software applications, ranging from mobile apps and web platforms to big sized desktop applications for businesses. We take care of every step, from coding, configuring and testing the application, to designing and updating the databases. The key words that describe us and our work are security, efficiency and curiosity. 

The robotics department is responsible for designing, creating, and testing different types of automatization and hardware devices for different areas such as the Health System, Smart Cities, Agriculture and Surveillance. “No imperfection in our devices and no scratches on our paint”. Passion – seriousness – attention to detail.

The AI department deals with solving problems whose best solution is the development and application of specific neural networks. An example of such a problem that we’re currently working on is the development of an improved OCR software. A few words that describe our department are: methodical, focused and always searching for the best solution.

Two extraordinary, lovely and meticulous boys handle the looking of all the MindHive Software products. Their responsibilities are developing graphic user interfaces and editing pictures and video presentations, but they also develop 3D models, graphic elements for video games, and coordinate social media marketing campaigns. 

Have an idea?

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